since the inauguration of our company in 1986 and also is manufaturing and supplyuing Deck Machinery according to contract with prominent ship makers in the world. keeping pace with the revitalization of domestic shipbuilding industry


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This is excellent solution to make saving expense and efficient managing of fabrication for all kind of marine heavy equipment as general winch system. We are very familiar to various marine winches and have been experienced in manufacturing involved weld and machining with reasonable price and also have carried out Mechanical ass'y as well. Especially, we are running systemic-organized of welding process and retaining skillfully qualified welders of ourselves
  • Frame
  • Rope Drum
  • Gea
  • Frame
  • Band
  • Cable Lifter Ass’y
A formal procedure of both rope drum and bend brake are standardized on having committed to improve quality and efficient delivery.
Rope Drum
Rope Drum
Band brake
Rope Drum
Rope Drum
DHI has dedicated to improve typical band brake in winch, as we realized to be amended its functional design for each type winchs during manufacturing. so we made in cooperation with a reaserch of University to study band brake's improving function and efficient Operation especially, we've strived to solve defactive slip condition on the surface of brake pad when band brake works, which means that a tension onto the ped wasn't expanded regulraly, we eventully achieved to solve defact and having applied for various project so far.